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Writer. Anthropologist. Creative Collaborator.

Raven J. Demers's Bio:

Raven J. Demers started writing stories at the age of five while bored in an airport terminal.  Ever since then, she has worked at wordsmithing in one form or another. In the fifth grade, she published her first poem, at twenty-two, she published her first book of poetry.  She has been an advice columnist for an online zine and a content writer for LiveStrong.  However, her current focus is on the work she began in that airport so long ago: storytelling.

Her stories range from the humblest lullaby for a toddling babe to the boundless exploration of the Cimmerian soul of humanity. Whether science fiction, horror, or fairy tale, she takes cues from myth, magic, and mundanity and blends well until a potion is cured.  Raven is author of Perdition and Cress and the Medicine Show, as well as two poetry collections. She is open to discussions with other writers and artists regarding future collaboration, and publishers interested in her work.

Raven lives in a rural town outside of Seattle with her children, partner, and several large, demanding cats. Her bedroom is primarily decorated by Children's IKEA, which she swears is a testament to her maturity. She enjoys performing, cooks a mean burger, and is obsessed with farming, but has yet to adopt a goat.

To learn more about Raven J. Demers, visit her web site: Satyr's Garden, check out her Amazon Author Page, sign up for updates on Facebook, or read her work through Patreon.


Raven J. Demers's Experience:

  • Writer and Editor at Freelance - Satyr's Garden

    NOVELS AND NOVELLAS Perdition (Daisy After Life, Book 1), 2017 Cress and the Medicine Show, 2017 SHORT FICTION & ESSAYS: "Toads" Flavor Text, Winter in the Willows RPG, 2010; "Grex's Cat", Kyle Cassidy's 350 word short story contest, 2009; Five Steps to Event Planning Success, RestaurantsToGo, 2008; Casual Catering for the Corporate Environment, RestaurantsToGo, 2008; Life After Shorecrest, Tattoo, 2002. POETRY (COLLECTIONS): Journey Through the Hinterland, CreateSpace, 2013; My Name Was Indigo, Writers' Press, 2002. POETRY (INDIVIDUAL POEMS): Yama on Ice, Poetry on the Buses, 2015; Mountain, Licton Springs Review, 2003; Dear Editor, Under A Quicksilver Moon, 2002; Can't Think of Pink?, The Nature's Echoes, 2001; Tiamat, The Sound of Poetry, 2000; Our-Glass, The Clouds of Spring, 1998; Magnetism, Tattoo, 1995; Empty Canvas, Poetry Forum Journal, 1991; White Flag, Alliance Theatre, 1988. EDITORIAL WORK: Pike Place Market Senior Center Project, UW, Anthropology, 2010; RestaurantsToGo Menus, 2007-2008; NSCC Student Handbook, 2003-04, 2004-05; Angel Child by Betsy Bogert, 2004; Editing Grants and Scholarship Applications for NSCC, Students, 2003 - 2004; Ashtree Alliance, Various Authors, 2002; The Big Happy Bear and The Soul Cage by Betsy Bogert, 2002.

Raven J. Demers's Education:

  • University of Washington

    Bachelors of Arts
    Concentration: Sociocultural and Applied Anthropology

Raven J. Demers's Interests & Activities:

Writing, cooking, creative consulting, human rights, civil rights, sustainable farming, food security, environmental conservation, ecological renewal, animal rights, dancing, gardening, animation, graphic novels, science fiction, fantasy, fairy tales, mythology, anthropology, unschooling, education, midwifery, acting, voice acting, archery, yoga, parkour, aerial arts, directing, improvisation, storytelling, creative collaboration, inspiring others, peaceful parenting, knitting, fiber arts, swimming, collective child rearing, self-actualization, historical fencing, historical preenactment, herbology, linguistics.

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